The International Phytobiomes Conference 2018 took place at Le Corum in Montpellier (France) from 4 to 6 December 2018.

The Conference was organized by:

  • The International Phytobiomes Alliance
  • The French National Institute for Agricultural Research (Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique – INRA)
  • The French National Research Institute for Sustainable Development (Institut de Recherche pour le Développement – IRD)

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Tuesday 4 December

11:00-13:00 | Registration and Packet pick up

13:00-13:20 | Welcome and Opening- Kellye Eversole, International Phytobiomes Alliance, US

13:20-14:05 | Keynote Address – Gary Felton, Pennsylvania State University, US
The role of microbes in mediating plant-insect interactions – Benefit or betrayal?

14:05-14:10 | Welcome from iSITE MUSE

14:10-14:20 | INRA Early Career Award Announcements

Session One: Exploring Interactions within Phytobiomes

Chair: Corinne Vacher, INRA, FR

14:20-14:45 | Opening speaker – Eoin Brodie, University of California, Berkeley, US
Deciphering the signatures of niche adaptation in soil microbial communities

Topic 1: Climate and the environment: Predicting impacts

14:45-15:10 | Lisa Wingate, INRA, FR
From enzyme to Earth system: linking soil community function and composition to constrain the magnitude of the terrestrial biosphere CO2 sink

15:10-15:30 | Short talk – Isai Salas-Gonzalez, University of North Carolina, US
Bacterial community maintenance of plant root development

15:30-15:55 | Shiji Hou, Max Planck Institute for Plant Breeding Research, DE
The root microbiota coordinates trade-offs between shade and immune responses in Arabidopsis

15:55-16:30 | Refreshments and networking

Topic 2: Soil, plant and insect microbiomes: Discoveries and technological advances

Chair: Matthew Ryan, CABI, UK

16:30-16:55 | Paolina Garbeva, Netherlands Institute of Ecology, NL
Deciphering belowground microbe-microbe and plant microbe chemical communication

16:55-17:15 | Short talk – Stephanie Kivlin, The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, US
Climate change may differentially disrupt leaf and root phytobiomes

17:15-17:35 | Short talk – Charlotte Tollenaere, IRD, FR
Multiple infections in rice from West Africa: mechanisms, epidemiological and evolutionary implications

17:35-18:00 | Terrence Bell, Pennsylvania State University, US
Microbial colonization of soils: implications for agriculture and experimental systems

18:00-19:30 | Welcome Cocktails, Poster Viewing, and Exhibitors: Space Joffre (Level 1)

18:30-20:30 | Workshop: Analysis of Microbiomes Community Data in R

19:30 | Adjourn for the day

Wednesday 5 December

8:30-8:40 | Welcome for the day – Valérie Verdier, IRD, FR

Session One Continued: Exploring Interactions within Phytobiomes

Topic 3: Exploring microbiomes in natural habitats to better understand their functions and assembly process

Chair: Valérie Verdier, IRD, FR

8:40-9:05 | Jonathan Adams, Cranfield University, UK
Soil fungal diversity in grasslands of the Tibetan Plateau: Is it Driven by plant Diversity and Productivity?

9:05-9:30 | Morgane Ourry, INRA, FR
Deciphering Brassica napus-microbiome associations in interaction with root herbivorous insect Delia radicum: a feedback loop in the rhizosphere

9:30-9:50 | Short talk – Emily Luna (presented by Jan Leach), Colorado State University, US
Insect Bacteria-Plant Interactions: Microbiomes of Russian Wheat Aphid (Diuraphis noxia) Contain Bacteria that Increase Virulence to Wheat

Topic 4: Exploring plant responses to other organisms

9:50-10:15 | Lionel Moulin, IRD, FR
Comparative transcriptomics of the wheat response towards diverse partners of its microbiome

10:15-10:40 | Jean-Benoit Morel, CIRAD, FR
Plant-plant interactions modify disease susceptibility

10:40-11:10 | Refreshments and Networking

Session Two: Integrating Phytobiome Systems-based Knowledge

Chair: Jan Leach, Colorado State University, US

11:10-11:35 | Opening speaker – Sally Flis, The Fertilizer Institute, US
Using 4R Nutrient Stewardship to Optimize Soil and Plant Health

Topic 1: Optimizing soil and ecosystem health through nutrient management and nutrient use efficiency

11:35-11:55 | Short talk – Joelle Sasse Schlaepfer, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, US
How plants shape the rhizosphere: physiological adaptations, exudation, and metabolite uptake

11:55-12:20 | Larry Halverson, Iowa State University, US
Can diversified cropping systems shape maize rhizosphere microbiomes towards more robust, interconnected communities?

12:20-12:40 | Short talk – Tania Galindo-Castañeda , Pennsylvania State University, US
Rhizosphere microbiome of field-grown maize as influenced by root cortical aerenchyma

12:40-13:40 | Buffet lunch and networking

Topic 2: Exploiting interactions within phytobiomes to optimize plant health, fitness, and production

Session Chair: Gwyn Beattie, Iowa State University, US

13:40-14:05 | Tim Mauchline, Rothamsted Research, UK
Rooting around the wheat microbiome

14:05-14:25 | Short talk – Lilach Iasur Kruh, ORT Braude College, IL
The phytobiome of a unique ecological system: parasitic weed and its host plant

14:25-14:50 | Jay-Ram Lamichhane, INRA, FR
A conceptual framework to better understand interactions between seedbed abiotic and biotic factors under the influence of cropping systems and their overall impact on field crop establishment

14:50-15:15 | Refreshments

Session Three: Phytobiome Engineering

Chair: Natalie Breakfield, NewLeaf Symbiotics, US

Topic: Engineering plant, insect and microbial communities to promote agroecosystem health and productivity

15:15-15:40 | Angela Sessitsch, AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, AT
The plant microbiome from lab to field

15:40-16:00 | Short talk – Aude Rochefort, INRA, FR
Influence of environment and host plant genotype on the structure and diversity of the Brassica napus seed microbiota

16:00-16:20 | Short talk – Leo van Overbeek, Wageningen University, NL
Human pathogens in plant microbiomes

16:20-16:45 | Gwendolin Wehner, Julius Kuhn-Institut, DE
Breeding for priming triggered leaf rust resistance in barley

Session Four: Applying Phytobiome-based Solutions for NexGen Agriculture

Chair: Gilles Béna, IRD, FR

Topic 1: Advances in precision agriculture, modeling, and large-scale data collection

16:45-17:10 | Stéphane Dupas, IRD, FR
Bayesian learning for decision support in the Internet of phytosystems things

17:10-17:30 | Short talk – Andreas Makiola, INRA, FR
Characterising plant pathogen communities and their environmental drivers at a national scale

17:30-17:50 | Short talk – Surya Saha, Boyce Thompson Institute, US
AgriVectors: a portal for plant diseases transmitted by insect vectors

17:50-18:30 | Poster Viewing

18:30 | Adjourn for the day

19:30-23:00 | Gala Dinner – Chateau Puech Haut

Thursday 6 December

8:30-8:40 Welcome for the day – Corinne Vacher, INRA, FR

Session 4 Continued: Applying Phytobiome-based Solutions for NexGen Agriculture

Chair: Matthieu Barret, INRA, FR

Topic 2: Applying big-data analytics to understand phytobiomes

8:40-9:05 | Daniel Jacobson, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, US
Systems Biology Models of the Interactions Between Host, Phytobiome and Environment

Topic 3: Diversifying our approach to crop production: urban and indoor agriculture

9:05-9:30 | Trevor Charles, University of Waterloo, CA
Microbiome dynamics during enrichment culture on ACC as nitrogen source: relevance to controlled environment agriculture

Session Five: Transforming Phytobiome Discoveries into Products

Chair: Angela Sessitsch, AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, AT

9:30-9:55 | Opening Speaker – Natalie Breakfield, NewLeaf Symbiotics, US
M-trophs for sustainable agriculture

Topic: Translating complexity into products: biologicals for agriculture

9:55-10:20 | Richard Broglie, Pivot Bio, US
Reimagining Crop Nutrition

10:20-10:45 | Steven Vandenabeele, ApheaBio, BE
An integrated technology pipeline for the development of superior agricultural biologicals

10:45-11:15 | Refreshments and Networking

11:15-11:35 | Short talk – David Hallahan, Corteva Agriscience , US
From the field to the lab and back again – delivery of an entomopathogenic fungus for corn rootworm control

11:35-11:55 | Short talk – Andrea Marino, Advanced Biological Marketing, US
RNA-Seq: A tool for investigating the influence of biological seed treatment on crop performance during periods of osmotic stress

11:55-12:20 | Claudia Preininger, AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, AT
Formulation of microbial bioeffectors – a materials perspective

12:20-12:45 | Andrea Molt, BASF, DE
BASF – A chemical company mastering the challenges of biologicals

12:45-13:00 | Closing Remarks and Conference Adjournment – Kellye Eversole, International Phytobiomes Alliance, US

INRA Early Career Award

The INRA PhytoMic network, supported by the Microbial Ecosystems and Meta-omics Metaprogram, funded eight awards of 500 € each to encourage the participation of early career scientists to the International Phytobiomes Conference 2018.

Congratulations to the Award Winners

  • Pascal Alonso – CIRAD, FR
  • Tania Fort – INRA, FR
  • Tania Galindo-Casteñada – Pennsylvania State University, US
  • Charles Mason – Pennsylvania State University, US
  • Morgane Ourry – INRA, FR
  • Charlie Pauvert – INRA, FR
  • Alberto Prado-Faris and Gloria Torres-Cortes – INRA, FR
  • Aude Rochefort – INRA, FR

2018 Conference Partners

The International Phytobiomes Conference 2018 was made possible through the generosity and dedication to the mission of collaborative science of our Conference Partners.