The International Phytobiomes Conference 2024 will bring together a broad community of U.S. and international scientists from the public and private sector as well as agricultural stakeholders to collectively advance the emerging field of phytobiome science.

Understanding entire systems of Phytobiomes will be critical to ensuring sustainable global food security in the next decades in the context of population growth, climate change, and the necessity to preserve biodiversity and natural resources.

Registration and Abstract submission

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The Phytobiome Concept

The Phytobiome Concept

A phytobiomes is a plant (“phyto”) in a distinct geographical unit (“biome”). It includes the plant itself, all micro- and macro-organisms living in, on, or around the plant and the environment, including soil, air, water, weather, and climate.

Sam valadi, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Practical Information

The Conference will take place in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. Nicknamed “The Gateway City”, St. Louis is a major city in Missouri along the Mississippi River.



The Conference will take place at The Donald Danforth Plant Science Center