D. Glass Associates, US

David Glass is a consultant specializing in industrial/environmental/agricultural biotechnology regulatory affairs, with over 30 years experience with government regulation of the commercial uses of modified microorganisms and plants and other products of biotechnology.
David Glass has provided strategic advice to numerous environmental and industrial biotechnology companies regarding compliance with the regulations of EPA, FDA and other agencies. Specifically, he has advised biofuel and bio-based chemical companies on the applicability of the EPA TSCA regulations to the use of modified microorganisms in fuel or chemical manufacture, he has advised clients on regulatory requirements for several types of FDA-regulated products, including food and feed additives, cosmetics, color additives and dietary supplements (nutraceuticals), and he has assisted in the preparation of submissions for approval of three animal feed ingredients.

Day 3 – Session 6: Regulatory Challenges & Barriers to Solutions
Talk: Achieving Regulatory Approval for Microbial Inoculants or Soil Additives