NewLeaf Symbiotics, US

Natalie Breakfield is the Molecular Biology Director at NewLeaf Symbiotics in Saint Louis, Missouri, USA. In this role, she is responsible for isolations, sequencing, and initial phenotyping of new Methylobacterium spp. (M-troph) isolates. She works closely with other teams to ensure that the most promising candidates are advanced through NewLeaf’s product pipeline. NewLeaf is focused on discovering how M-trophs benefit plants across a large variety of field conditions, and currently has two bio-complement products on the market: Terrasym401 for soy and Terrasym402 for peanut. Dr. Breakfield obtained her Ph.D. from Duke University and was a postdoctoral fellow at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Talk: M-trophs for sustainable agriculture
Outline: Pink-pigmented facultative methylotrophs in the genus Methylobacterium (M-trophs) are highly abundant members of the plant microbiome. NewLeaf Symbiotics is harnessing the power of these beneficial bacteria to improve yield and strengthen plants under field conditions. We are optimizing genotypic and phenotypic data in our Prescriptive Biologics Knowledgebase TM (PBK) to make predic-tions of which M-trophs will perform best for a given condition and crop. These predictions are tested in the field, and these data are used to improve our processes. This pipeline has led to the introduction of our first two products, Ter-rasym 401 for soybean and Terrasym 402 for peanut.

Session 5: Transforming Phytobiome Discoveries into Products
Thursday 6 December