AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, AT

Claudia Preininger is a senior researcher at the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, Tulln, Austria. She is responsible for formulation development including microbial seed coatings, foliar spray and soil amendment in the field of plant growth promotion and biocontrol. She has over 20 years experience in immobilization of enzymes, proteins and microbes. Current research includes the development and characterization of microbial micro- and nanocomposite seed coatings, granules and powders, the fabrication of microbial beads and core-shell capsules with distinct function and properties and microbial spray formulations for maize. She is a chemist and actually coordinates two projects on microbial seed coatings with main focus on material – microbe interaction.

Talk: Formulation of microbial bioeffectors – a materials perspective
Outline: Microbial biofertilizers and biocontrol agents are promising alternatives to agrochemicals in sustainable agriculture; however the lack of effective formulations is a major limitation for their successful application in the field. The scientific challenge is therefore to elucidate microbial responses to multiple factors including the properties of the used materials, the formulation process itself and the environmental conditions during processing and storage, and to estimate the driving factors that impact stability (viability, shelf life, metabolic activity), performance (germination, plant penetration) and function (release efficiency). Examples will be given for different types of bacteria and application (seed coatings, granules, capsules, foliar spray) highlighting the necessity of taking into account the interplay between materials and microbes to better understand the impact of materials and eventually optimize the formulation process.

Session 5: Transforming Phytobiome Discoveries into Products
Thursday 6 December